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“Keep Your Poison To Yourself “

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I really hate someone who smoke in front of me. When government make a regulations about smoking, which is prohibited smoking at public places and office buildings. I really agree with that rule. Smoking isn’t healthy for anyone anyway. In one bar cigarette have more 4.000 toxic chemical materials. There are radioactive material (polonium – 201) material utilized in paint (acetone), floor detergent (ammonia), insecticide (DDT, naphthalene), white ant poison (arsenic), toxic gas (hydrogen cyanide) and a lot of again. Anyway, riskiest poison on a cigarette is Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide. If smokes is a rights, therefore smoker shall also respect others rights. In fact, secondhand smoke (passive smoker) accept more bad impact for that healthy than active smoker.


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im simple.

One thought on ““Keep Your Poison To Yourself “

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